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In September last year, Under Armour (UA) in sales for the first beat Adidas, Nike has become second only to the US market, the second-largest sports brand. Today, the sports company Nike's catch in the field of mobile health is also increasingly urgent pace up. Recently, UA breath spent $ 550 million, to buy two free louis vuitton shoes health applications, which are $ 475 million of MyFitnessPal, and $ 85 million of Endomondo.

Then count two years ago to spend $ 150 million to buy the MapMyFitness and early January of this year's UA Record, the total number of users of each health UA App nearing 120 million, claiming to be built the world's largest electronic health community.

Nike + users in contrast, according to the loui vuitton shoes data in April of last year, Nike company since 2006 and Apple to launch in about 28 million, count the partners, the total was 100 million users, has been leapfrogged UA.

In UA 120 million users in this, 80 million MyFitnessPal undoubtedly accounted for the bulk, in fact, it and the other two are also different emphases App. The Chinese mobile phone application called "slimming treasure", is designed for users to control their weight and design, of course, "weight control" is not only "lose weight", it also "weight" option.

MyFitnessPal by recording three meals a day, drinking water and sports, etc.,cheap louis vuitton to calculate the calorie intake and consumption, daily nutrition to provide a report to the user. Which recorded three meals and then rely on the user to manually input matching database, called MyFitnessPal official website database to store the calorie content of 4 million kinds of food. Record each person's diet and nutrition, it is the main function of this application on-line at the beginning of 2005, of course, the accuracy of records is another matter.

Now, however, it can also connect a louis vuitton sale variety of sports, including recording tools Apple HealthKit, Misfit bracelet, including to store the user's movement. Careful search, you can find MyFitnessPal also support UA own motion tracking data into the application within MapMyFitness, but also want to buy MyFitnessPal UA to provide users with a comprehensive set of health tracking tools.

In contrast, Endomondo function and UA original MapMyFitness is almost the same, is to track the trajectory with GPS, and a healthy self-built social networks to share with your friends. Even and louis vuitton mens shoes focuses on sports data sharing UA Record also overlap place. But Endomondo is a company located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and its 20 million users, mostly from outside the United States. UA buy its intentions very clear, is to enter the overseas market.

2013, MapMyFitness "married" shortly after the UA on the line, "added running shoes" function, their own UA, rival brands such as Nike running shoes are optional list. Louis vuitton online store This function can be roughly calculated wear shoes, the shoes of Shashi remind users. Auxiliary shoe features Nike + also do not know the future Endomondo will also add?