Church Groups & Civic Organizations

Take advantage of the group rates offered for your next event or special outing. Pricing is always cheaper during the week so if you are on a budget, check to see if an evening or after school event during the week will work for you. We can customize any package you would like.

Corporate Parties

No party is too small or large (4-350). We've got room to spare :-). Use us for your next: Holiday Party, Company Special Event, Teambuilding, Wellness Program, Reward Program, Annual Meeting, Seminars. We can host and arrange for any of your party needs or arrange it to be catered to your specifications. Cosmic bowling, karaoke and a pizza buffet make for a fun and memorable combination. Let us know how we can help. Remember, your employees can enjoy bowling and pizza for less than the cost of a sit down meal at a local restaurant.


This is getting more and more popular. Have everyone meet at the bowling center and take full advantage of all of our amenities for less than price of eating out or renting a facility at a hotel. Either rent all or part of the building or have everyone pay separately and see how the fun will keep them talking for years to come. Our 100 seat pizza parlor has a 10' projection screen to provide a nonstop slideshow of pictures of everyone (provide us with a DVD full of pictures) or hook it up to your laptop.

Combine all of the activities of the game room and cosmic bowling with the karaoke and your favorite food and refreshments in the pizza parlor and you will have a sure hit on your hands. The banquet room is also available for additional table space and socializing. Pricing is very reasonable so before you book anywhere else, give us a call.

Banquet Room

Our banquet room is perfect for your occasional meetings and seats 30 to 50 people so before renting a room somewhere else, call us for a FREE one. There is generally no charge for the room as long as you are using the other amenities of our facility.

After Proms and After Graduations

No matter what size, we can accommodate this special event. Let us help you plan an awesome party. Everyone will always remember the lights and sounds of this cosmic experience.


"Let Us Show You How To Raise Some Money" Do you know someone that is in need of a fundraiser or do you need to raise some money for a worth cause? Plan a fundraiser and use our facility to raise some funds. Our 30,000 square foot center is large enough to host almost any size of event you can imagine. Invite people for an afternoon or evening of pizza and bowling and get part of the proceeds back plus have an auction and do some raffles while everyone is enjoying themselves and having fun for a great cause.

We can show you how just a few hours can produce thousands of dollars for your event. It just takes some time and energy from a few people to help organize an event that will draw many people for your special fundraising event. Appoint your coordinator and we'll give them some tools to produce a successful fundraiser. Lots of possibilities to raise several thousand dollars in just a few hours. Call us before you try something else.


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