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Have your next birthday with us! We'll make sure your kids have an awesome party! You relax and watch your kids have fun! If you have a special request, just ask!


"No Fuss, No Muss, Leave the Clean Up to Us". Parties Or Special Events For Any Occasion: Bowling parties are a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate any special occasion. No matter what the weather may be, your party can go off without complications at Family Bowling Center. No matter if its large or small, we have something for everyone. Everything is conservatively priced and affordable.

As always, it is generally less expensive to bowl a few games and have pizza than it is to eat out at a local restaurant ( and a whole lot more fun) so before you make your plans for your next outing, call us first. Special events can be arranged to take full advantage of all of our amenities or pick and choose the ones you want:

You can reserve your birthday party event by calling 515-576-7664.



Fun Package

FOR YOUNG and OLD... No one is too young or old for a birthday party. Why not consider a bowling party for your next birthday event. We have several packages available and something for almost any budget. You are welcome to bring your own cake and candles with any package. Bumper lanes are a must so the kids won't have to worry about throwing the balls down the gutter each time so reserve your package today.

What a wonderful way to spend your child's birthday party. Rather than bowling just one game in 30 or 40 minutes and then wondering what to do to kill some time until the kids are picked up by there parents, this party is timed at 1 1/2 hours so if you keep them moving, they can get in a few games. This gives the children plenty of time to keep busy before you sit down to open presents and eat cake (kind of wear them down so you can get them sat down.

PIZZA: Why spend a fortune on Pizza when you can take advantage of so many deals at the franchises. The package doesn't include pizza but you are more than happy to bring in your own or have one of the local chains deliver to your lanes. Remember, you will have the party and be eating after your hour and a half of bowling so you have that much time to get some hot pizzas delivered for your birthday guests.

1 hour bowling
30 min party time
1 Pitcher of Pop
paper plates, napkins, cups, & forks

You supply cake / candles
$6.95 per child or adult Mon-Thur
$7.95 each Fri-Sun



Plan on about 4 to 5 children or adults per lane and make sure you specify how many bumper lanes you will need. These parties are designed so that the party is scheduled after the bowling is completed. This allows for the children to wind down after their bowling fun and keep them seated for the party. It is our experience that it is much easier to manage your party this way. We have plenty of room in our center to accommodate several birthday parties at the same time and plenty of bumper lanes available. Please make sure when you are checking in for the party that you understand the various options available to you for seating your party after the bowling is completed.

Our parties are held on our wide open concourse which allows plenty of room and generous access to the children while they are bowling. We have found this much more convenient for all concerned and you have everything you brought right in front of you. We do not have parties in our bar area so no worries about alcohol related interferences.

Please limit any items you bring into the center to cake, candles, possibly table decorations or themed tableware if you so desire, and pizza. No other food or beverages, confetti, or piñatas are allowed into the center. Our staff is here to assist you and your guests in any way they can so please don't be afraid to ask for their assistance at any time during the party or planning phase of your birthday party.


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